Monday, July 1, 2013

In search for affordable PMP Study Material...

After achieving CAPM, I set my eyes on bigger target, PMP®. For PMP exam preparation I was looking for a tool, which is simple, very powerful and most importantly affordable.

There is a very huge reason for stating "Affordable" as most important characteristic. The average Indian IT Project Manager Salary range is INR 828,739 to INR 1,452,949 per annum [1] which is approximately $18,000 to $32,250. Where, in USA the range is $67,470 to $106,097 [2]. At the other side the PMP® study material cost range is between $50 to some thousand dollars. And this range is same across the world despite to salary difference.

I really would like some suggestions from all of you my friends if you can find some powerful yet affordable study material for PMP exam preparation.