Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Psychometric tests to help know the team better

Success of a Project Manager is highly dependent on the team he / she is managing. It would be better to be informed about the personalities of individuals of your team. Such psychometric tests of communication styles and learning styles could be very helpful. Understanding how team members communicate and how they learn and process new information can be vital to avoiding and removing roadblocks to the project plan. Learning style is not often considered outside of an educational setting. However, project team members receive, process and interpret new information every day.

Recently I came across to two very useful psychometric tests, MBIT® and Firo-b®. It gave me good interest to know more about them. I personally took those test and found the result very appropriate. I am planning to use this on my team in near future. I will write on my experiment on this blog.

Meanwhile, readers can use below links for the MBIT and Firo-b online tests...