Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cricket style retrospective...

Retrospective is one of the event the team is always looking forward. I always try to bring something new which can make them take more interest in retrospective. Such variety in retrospective can make team members think out of the box and help them to nurture their creativity. 

As India enters in semi finals of Cricket World Cup 2015, everyone is super excited and in high spirit. So, for the last retrospective, I came with new idea of Cricket style retrospective.


These are the activities, interactions, tools, techniques that helped the team to achieve the sprint goal.


These are the intentional activities, interactions, tools, techniques that team used but didn't help team achieve the Sprint Goal and team would like to STOP using them. 

Cheer Leaders

These are the improvement ideas for next sprint.


The Sprint Goal.


These are the impediments that stopped team from making progress towards the Sprint Goal and team want to eliminate them.