Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Blogging

After almost 2 months I am back to blogging. These two months went hectic for me. Lots of things happened in these two months. This all things affect a lot to my surrounding environment.

My dad is having cancer since last 4 years. He is fighting very hard to defeat the cancer. But before few months cancer came in the winning position. We were starting losing the hope, but my dad didn't. He again starts fighting with the cancer with passion. During this chaos, I got good offer from the Cybage Software, which I couldn't denied. And it was the end of a golden era of my working with Avani Cimcon Technologies (ACTL). I worked almost 2 years with ACTL. It was really a golden period of my life. Working with ACTL was the best working experience for me. But one day you have to step forward, and I took that step. It's been a pleasure working with Cybage Softwares. I became part of cybagian community from cimconiens community.

One more thing happens which made me think a lot on my and my beloved's life. On 26th of July, 2008, Ahmedabad got serial blasts. It was around 21 blasts in just 70 minutes time. The whole city and infect whole country catch into terror. Around 56 people died and 200 people injured. The biggest blast happened into the Civil Hospital (The same hospital, where my dad's treatment is going on). Fortunately all of my beloved were safe. And I am thankful to God for this. But again and again, same thought came in my mind that, why this happens? Why a human can not understand each other? Why everybody wants to kill each other? Why we can not leave peacefully with each other? And I guess nobody in this world know these answers.

Anyway, after all we have to back to our routine life also. So, now I am back to my routine life and started writing again. So below is my "To Write" list. I am going to write on below topics in near future. The list is not in sorted order.

To Write:

  • Extension methods in .Net 3.5
  • Forms Authentication in SSRS
  • Visual Studio Extensibility
  • Project Management
    • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • PERT / CPM Techniques
    • Risk Management
    • Change Management
    • Work Reporting

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